Lift Kits Near Madison OH

Are you looking for a lift kit to customize your truck for your next adventures? Montrose Off-Road has several lift kit options available for Madison, Ohio, drivers that can help you get the most out of your truck.

Our team can match you to the right lift kit for your truck and install it for you. Want to learn more about lift kits? Check out this page!
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Custom Lift Kits near Ashtabula OH

There are three main types of lift kits. The right kit for you will depend on your tire size, what you want to do with your vehicle, and the type of vehicle you drive.

Body Lift Kits are lift kits that lift the body of your vehicle. You won’t have additional ground clearance, but you will have room for larger tires.

Suspension Lift Kits add additional ground clearance to your vehicle. These kits are great for off-roading and often replace your suspension or raise your vehicle’s chassis.

The third type of lift kit is a Leveling Kit. These kits are ideal for trucks that tow heavy loads. A Leveling Kit will even out your truck's stance so that your front and back are the same height.

Custom Lift Kits near Ashtabula OH

Our dealer offers four Truck Suspension kits:


The Patriot Lift Kit is a 6-inch suspension lift with custom wheels and a dual-performance exhaust system.

The Freedom kit offers you the choice of a 3.5 or 4.5-inch suspension lift, in addition to custom wheels and tires.

The Liberty kit levels your truck, or the wheels are at the same weight. This kit also allows you to add custom wheels and tires.

The Independence lift kit builds on what the Patriot kit offers. On top of the 6-inch suspension, you’ll receive custom front and rear bumpers and LED lighting.

What trucks qualify for our lift kits? Most full-sized and midsized trucks work with the lift kits we offer. Our team can help you select the best package that works for your truck, whether you have a Ford Ranger, Ram 1500, or a Toyota Tacoma.

Exploring Madison OH

Once your truck is outfitted with the lift kit you’ve chosen, hit the road and explore all Madison, OH, has to offer.

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Find the Lift Kit That’s Right for Your Truck Today

Are you ready to upgrade your truck with the lift kit that meets your needs? We look forward to helping Madison, OH, drivers create the truck that meets all of their needs.

Our team at Montrose Off-Road can answer any questions you have about our lift kits and the installation process. Contact us to get started today.
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