Lift Kits Near Parma OH

A lifted vehicle can do more on the trails. Our lift kits near Parma, Ohio, may be just what you’re looking for to supercharge your off-roading abilities. If you’re ready to build an off-road machine, we invite you to visit us at Montrose Off-Road and explore our lift packages.

Create the ultimate off-road vehicle with the help of our experts. Our custom lift kits can be applied to a variety of trucks, so find the perfect kit for your pickup here!

Parma’s Source for Custom Lift Kits

If you’ve ever imagined what you can do with a lifted vehicle, now’s the time to find out. Our custom lift packages for Parma, OH, drivers include a series of themed kits. Take a closer look at these:

  • The PATRIOT. A 6-inch suspension lift with custom wheels and tires, as well as pocket-style fender flares and a dual performance exhaust system.
  • The FREEDOM. A 3.5- or 4-inch suspension lift with custom wheels and tires, as well as a dual performance exhaust system.
  • The LIBERTY. A level lift (front wheels are raised to match the height of the rear wheels), as well as custom wheels and tires.
  • The INDEPENDENCE. The PATRIOT, plus a custom front bumper with winch and a custom rear bumper with LED lighting.

Does one of these sound like the perfect lift package for you? Next, we’ll explore the various trucks these kits can be applied to.

Lifted Rides for Off-Road Adventure

You’ll be happy to hear that our lift kits are available for a large number of trucks. If you drive a full-size pickup truck, we almost certainly have a kit that can be applied. Our custom packages can transform trucks such as these:

  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  • Ford F-150
  • GMC Sierra 1500
  • Ram 1500
  • Toyota Tundra

Meanwhile, you can add midsize trucks like the Jeep Gladiator, Ford Ranger, and Toyota Tacoma to that list as well. Each package offered applies to specific truck models, so be sure to check compatibility with the truck you drive.

See Our In-Stock Lifted Vehicles, Too

If you haven’t purchased the truck you want to lift yet, it may make sense to shop our in-stock lifted vehicles. These vehicles have already been lifted and are ready to drive, and they include SUVs, as well as trucks. You can save yourself the time of a custom build with these options.

Of course, if you want a custom look, our custom packages may be the better path forward. Feel free to consult with our team, so you can choose the most convenient option for your Parma adventures. Everywhere you go, from West Creek Reservation to Byers Field, you’ll stand out in a lifted vehicle.
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Use Our Custom Kits to Lift Your Off-Roader

Get out there in the Garden City in a custom lifted vehicle! If you want an off-road-capable truck for the trails near Lake Erie, we invite you to check out our lift kits near Parma, OH.

Consult on the ideal lift kit for your truck with our team at Montrose Off-Road!
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